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It is a modern and updated version of the ancient Roman amulet. Times change, culture evolves, and slogans must change. 

Years and years subjected to a patriarchal and false culture. We are in an era of transition, of change where a resilient, empowered woman, without taboos, is beginning to be seen again. We decide what we play with and what we hang behind our doors. If I want a phallus then I take it, if I want a clitoral sucker then also together or separately or all mixed up.

In the era of multiform and revolutionized sexual toys, who does not know the satisfayer???  In the media, in the press, on the street, at work, everyone comments on it even if you want they lend it to you This article is fashionable and is ideal to capture change and make an improved piece, a new updated version of a classic. Show a less phallocratic and more satisfied society. With a joint and egalitarian thought, where united we create to go further. 

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